A word on Coronavirus and fear

We are right under it at the moment, the fear is palpable and you may feel totally out of control and afraid for a wide variety of reasons, if this is you, here are some additional tips to help get you through this experience:

  1. No-one has any experience of what is going on right now it’s a first time.Do you remember the first time you did something? Going to school, first job, getting married? I don’t know about you but I was full of anxiety. Thankfully we learn to adjust and what was strange becomes normal. Until it feels normal though, its okay to not feel in control, everyone is struggling right now in different ways and the same ways. You are not alone in this.
  2. STOP watching and reading about Coronavirus. It’s like a car crash you cannot look away from. Give yourself two weeks off watching the news and see how you feel.
  3. Posting on Social Media: If you are posting, keep it positive. I understand the urge to post “Look at this person who died horribly, stay home you thicko’s” but it just increases upset and winds everyone up.
  4. Reading Social Media: If you have friends that like to spam post horror stories to your feed and it upsets you, mute them for a bit. You can silence friends for 30 days on Facebook. You don’t need the assault on your eyeballs. Join some groups that are fun and positive and share your interests instead. Reddit is also good for this r/UpliftingNews is a great place for positive news, you don’t even have to participate, just read.
  5. Start a hobby or interest, ever wanted to write a book?. Learn an instrument? Learn a new Language. It’s all possible. Make yourself do it. The internet is your friend in this.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up. Just because you didn’t visit every house on your street and offer to do their shopping for them doesn’t make you a bad person. If you help your mates have a laugh, that helps. If you fed your cat this morning even though you are stressed and didn’t want to do anything, that helped. If you just about managed to feed your kids, you are rockin’ it! Do what you can, it is enough.
  7. Be aware. There are some bizarre stories doing the rounds and the conspiracy theories are going wild. Use your common sense. Take a breath. Take a step back. Just because you read it, doesn’t make it true.

Take Care and stay safe.

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