If you are one of those people that gets “tingles” at the hairdresser or listening to certain sounds then ASMR is for you. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

I wasn’t actually going to post on this until a friend of mine mentioned it on Facebook. I did think about it but it I doubted myself as it can be like Marmite (some love it, some hate it). Well here it is in all it’s weird glory!

If you listen to ASMR videos some people can get a tingly sensation that is very relaxing. The videos vary widely and you may need to experiment to see what works for you. They all use 3D microphones to record and may be in the form of a virtual haircut, massage or similar. A popular one is Bob Ross’ Art instruction videos.

The Science

Well…not so much Science here. It works for some people and not others, and it can even irritate some people. Try the videos below and if they work for you great, if they are irritating, leave well alone.


You will need: Headphones, a phone or laptop

1. Pop your headphones in and try the following videos

That’s it. I should warn you this can be a right rabbit hole. Also some very odd videos are produced to cater to people’s “tastes”, you have been warned 😁

If you find this site helps you then please pay it forward and donate to my GoFundMe campaign supporting the NHS

Now here are the videos:

Just because we had a laugh about this on Facebook….

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