Faster EFT – Tapping – Part 2

What is it?

Faster EFT was developed by Robert Smith and is a quicker variation on the full EFT developed by Gary Craig. A good place to start if you you have never tapped before.

The Science

No studies have ever been performed on Faster EFT that I am aware of.

How to do it

Note: when you tap it is 7 times roughly on each point gently, for FasterEFT focus on the tapping not on the memory.

  1. Ask yourself “How do I know I have a problem?”
  2. Focus on the source of discomfort whether it is a memory or a feeling
  3. Rate it on the SUD scale from 0 to 10
  4. With two fingers tap the middle of your forehead
  5. Tap the bone at the side of your eye socket
  6. Tap the bone under the eye, roughly in line with your pupil
  7. Tap the collar bone point, one inch to the right or left of the “v” on your collar bone
  8. Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and when you breathe out say “peace” and try yo relax as much as possible
  9. While still holding your wrist, think of the happiest memory or sensation you can and make it as strong as possible. Maintain for a few seconds
  10. Repeat steps 2 to 10 until the feeling is down to 0 or 1 on the SUD scale

Some people say “let it go” while tapping the points, this is up to you but isn’t necessary.

You may experience some strange sensations like yawning, watering eyes, shivers. These are you letting go, just go with it, it’s normal.

Here’s a handy diagram for the tapping points:

Using with Children

  • Investigate gently, don’t push the issues or make them focus on something awful. It’s enough that they know they are upset. Find out where they feel it and go after the feeling
  • Tap on the points on your little ones as you would with an adult.
  • If they can’t do the happy memory, just a deep breath in and a big sigh are enough or even just a big smile

True Story time: my youngest would come down from bed crying, he has no visual memory and couldn’t say what the problem was. I would tap with him as above, children are usually much better at letting go than adults and after about 2 rounds and lots of yawning he would be sleepy again and would go back to bed relaxed.

Try it, it really works!

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