Measuring Stress

Measuring Stress or Fear

There are two ways of measuring the Fear response. The SUD scale and the SUE Scale. The SUD or Subjective Units of Distress scale measures fear from 10 (Panic attack, uncontrollable fear) to 0 (no fear).

The SUE scale or Subjective Units of Experience was developed by Silvia Hartmann and works on a scale of -10 (Depression) to +10 (Total Joy).

I suggest using SUD with most techniques for simplicity. The SUE model will be mentioned with certain specific techniques I write about as well, because why stop at 0? If you can move yourself up the scale into the positives then that is all the better for you and will shift you into a more positive state.

The SUE scale in it’s entirety look like:

The SUE scale

Using the standard techniques in the blog will get you to neutral, and natural positivity. The ‘Energy’ Techniques can get you way up into the plus numbers.